Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Hey guys. Its been a while since I posted anything. Posting this to try and push my self to finish a Inquisitor and routine with basic back story for each member. This is the first so far un-named leader of a 5 man squad of Imperial Guard. These men were the last survivors of a deamonic infestation.  These men held there position for 4 months. 4 months watching there brothers die. 4 months. Staying strong and untainted by the warp and the hell spawn being thrown at them day and night until finally, all but left with the ammo they could carry, salvation.

A stormbird. A grey stormbird.

Grey as the ash of what remained of there fallen brothers. Grey as ghosts. Knights.

The Inquisitor leading the charge enlisted these men and they are now a invaluable in the hunt and extermination of demons and heritics alike.

This is a WIP and will post a clear shot of this guy when he is finished.

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