Wednesday, 28 January 2015

=I= Jakob - the untold


The sad one, The Raven, The Omega, The Coldest ... All names he recognizes. He had been known by many others but all spoken in hushed tones, and to the constant disbelief of his comrades on countless worlds. Only his master knows the truth of his past.

A psyker and feared warrior Jakob fights for The Emperor.  Psychic tears stream from his face.  A precursor. Alpha level and silent the tears are followed only by divine justice. Heretics and deamons know his name and the gods of the warp scream for his final day.

Until then he continues his fight whispering the only words "the untold" have ever heard him speak..... 

"The Emperor Protects" 

Indeed he does.........

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Hey guys. Its been a while since I posted anything. Posting this to try and push my self to finish a Inquisitor and routine with basic back story for each member. This is the first so far un-named leader of a 5 man squad of Imperial Guard. These men were the last survivors of a deamonic infestation.  These men held there position for 4 months. 4 months watching there brothers die. 4 months. Staying strong and untainted by the warp and the hell spawn being thrown at them day and night until finally, all but left with the ammo they could carry, salvation.

A stormbird. A grey stormbird.

Grey as the ash of what remained of there fallen brothers. Grey as ghosts. Knights.

The Inquisitor leading the charge enlisted these men and they are now a invaluable in the hunt and extermination of demons and heritics alike.

This is a WIP and will post a clear shot of this guy when he is finished.